Saddleworth Whit Friday Details

Organisers have announced details of the 2024 Saddleworth & Oldham District Whit Friday contests. The event will take place on 24th May with over £35,000 in prize money up for grabs thanks to generous financial support from private sponsorship and Oldham Council. This year's panel of judges consists of Leigh Baker, John Boax, Christopher Bond, Helen Douthwaite-Teasdale, Allan Holdsworth, Martin Heartfield, T Newbigging, Jonathan Pippen, Benjamin Richeton, Stephen Tighe and Christopher Wormald.

Competing bands are reminded that the Saddleworth Whit Friday website offers valuable information to assist them on the day. It has details and links to all contests, a map of the area and a contact form to submit information to all the contests before the event. This is not a registration process but will give organisers helpful contact details ahead of time. Whilst some contests will also post information on the number of bands waiting to play via (Delph contest will also be tweeting information on waiting times for bands @dephcontest) in agreement with Greater Manchester Police and Oldham Councill ALL contests must be concluded by Midnight on Saturday 25th May. Greenfield has confirmed that their event will be live streamed by the subscription based channel 

Saddleworth & Oldham District:
Area Open Champion: £2,500, 2nd: £1,000, 3rd: £750, Youth: £250
Local Area Champion: £750, 2nd: £600, 3rd: £400
The Saddleworth & Oldham Contests are supported by Oldham Council

Contest: 4.00pm -10.30pm (subject to numbers waiting and Police guidance)
Main Prize: £1,200
Prize Fund: £5,000
Adjudicator: Leigh Baker
Contact: Bob Rodgers (07843082582)
Bands can contact on the night itself (07742230464)
twitter: @delphcontest

Contest: 4.00pm - 10.30pm
Main Prize: £1,000
Prize Fund: £3,690
Adjudicator: Allan Holdsworth
Contact: Andrina Baxter (07920763979)
twitter: @denshawcontest
Facebook: Denshawcontest

Contest: 4.00pm -10.30pm
Main Prize: £800
Prize Fund: £3,140
Adjudicator: Helen Douthwaite-Teasdale
Contact: B. Cliffe (07703184200)
twitter: @DiggleContest
Facebook: DiggleBandContest
Instagram: digglecontest

Contest: 4.00pm -10.00pm
Main Prize: £750
Prize Fund: £3,050
Adjudicator: Stephen Tighe
Contact: Debs Seed
twitter: @DobcrossWhitFri
Facebook: Dobcross Whit Friday United Effort

All bands excluding Championship, First and Second Section
Contest: 4.30pm -10.30pm
Main Prize: £200
Prize Fund: £885
Adjudicator: T. Newbigging
Contact: Simon Clark (07902305281)

Registration from: 3.30pm
Contest: 4.00pm -10.00pm
Main Prize: £1,000
Prize Fund: £4,750
Adjudicator: Chris Wormald
Contact: Jamie Curley (07484 628043)

Contest: 4.00pm - 10.00pm
Main Prize: £700
Prize Fund: £2,565
Adjudicator: Christopher Bond
Contact: Anna Oldfield (07799200454)
twitter: @WhitBrass

Contest: 4.00pm -10.30pm
Main Prize: £1,000
Prize Fund: £3,410
Adjudicator: Martin Heartfield
Contact: Peter Norbury (07774261491)

Lees & Springhead:
Contest: 4.30pm -10.00pm
Main Prize: £500
Prize Fund: £1,800
Adjudicator: John Boax
Contact: Michaela (07951128250)
Twitter: @leesbandcontest

Scouthead & Austerlands:
Contest: 4.00pm -10.30pm
Main Prize: £1,000
Prize Fund: £4,710
Adjudicator: Jonathan Pippen
Contact: Pam Bailey (07879 054 027)

Contest 4:00pm-10:00pm
Main Prize: £1, 250
Prize Fund: £4,275
Adjudicator: Benjamin Richeton
Contact: Pam Armstrong (07851 370442)
Facebook: @Uppermillwhitfriday
Twitter: @UppermillWhit2


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