Saturday 28 July 2018

Concert: National Children's Brass Band of Great Britain

National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain400 Hall, Repton SchoolConductor: Professor Nicholas ChildsBaritone Soloist: Katrina MarzellaFriday 27th July 2018 The National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain (NCBBGB) and Music Director, Nicholas Childs had been preparing all week for this concert, often in rehearsal temperatures as hot as 32 degrees Celsius! more

Monday 2 July 2018

CD of the month: Larsson in Brass

Larsson in Brass
 The International Staff Band Plays the Music of John Larsson Bandmaster: Dr. Stephen Cobb SP&S: 413 CD As his own detailed sleeve notes outline, John Larsson’s is not a name typically associated with the world of brass. As the 17th Century Salvation Army General, however, more

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