Italian Band’s School of Brass

The Italian Brass Band, from Rome has been working hard to inspire future generations of brass band players in Italy. The band proudly represented the nation in the Championship Section at the 2023 European Championships in Malmo, having won the European Challenge Section on three occasions since its formation in 2014. However, one of the band’s driving ambitions is to ensure that the nation continues to develop its fledgling brass band movement form the grass roots up.

The band’s weekend 'School of Brass' was recently held under the baton Musical Director Giuseppe Saggio, following a warm welcome given by the Italian Brass Band President, Claudio Valente. The majority of the players had little knowledge of the British brass band playing tradition, so a short talk was given by bass trombone player Giovanni Celestino that covered both its proud history and exciting future.

The students were given sectional tuition by members of the Italian Brass Band, from cornet to tubas and percussion, on repertoire that covered a wide variety of genres before the day concluded with a full band rehearsal. There were more sectionals the following day a full afternoon of full ensemble rehearsal leading to the evening concert.

Commenting on the venture Giovanni Celestino said, “We have many challenges in Italy promoting brass bands, but this was a fantastic success. To be able to give free masterclasses and tuition was unheard of and then to get together to rehearse and then play a concert was more than we could have dreamed of.”


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