Six of the Best for Gota 

Gota Brass Band notched up its sixth successive victory at the Swedish National Championships in Varnamo last weekend. The success It follows the band’s hat-trick of wins between 2017 and 2019, with post Covid-19 break wins in 2021 and 2022. The adjudicating panel’s opinion was conclusive and unanimous with Gota’s set-work performance of Philip Harper's 'St James's — A New Beginning' and own choice selection of Stijn Aertgeerts' 'Bipolarity' being awarded the top spot. In addition to securing the title, their tuba team won the 'Best Section' prize, with euphonium player Johannes Forsberg awarded the 'Best Instrumentalist' accolade for their fine personal contribution. Conductor Michael Thomsen was presented with the Conductor Honours Prize. In addition to the Swedish title the band will now represent the nation at the 2024 European Championships in Palanga.

The Championships were live broadcast this year with the audience also enjoying a fine Gala Concert performance by Brighouse & Rastrick Band conducted by Prof Garry Cutt and a pre-contest concert by Eowyn Brass Band, Sweden's only all-female brass band which celebrated its 10th anniversary led by conductor Maria Molund.

There was also success in the First Division where Immanuel Brass Stockholm conducted by Andreas Lundin claimed their first title following their promotion to the level in 2018. Halmstad Brass returned to the top of the Second Division title and the Minibrass Division title went to Habo Small Band JR from Asenhoga Youth Brass Band and Goteborg Youth Brass Band. Full results can be viewed below.

Elite Division:
Set Work: Jappie Dijkstra, Ray Farr, Stanley Westh
Own Choice: Jappie Dijkstra, Ray Farr, Chris Robertson
Set Work: St James's — A New Beginning (Philip Harper)
Set Work/Own Choice = Total

1. Gota Brass Band (Michael Thomsen): 93/92 = 92.50
2. Windcorp Brass Band (Mattias Hjortlinger): 92/91 = 91.50
3. Solna Brass (Lewis Wilkinson): 91/86 = 88.50
4. Betlehemskyrkans Musikkar (David Glanneskog): 88/88 = 88.00
5. Lunds Brassband (Jorgen Flink): 87/85 = 86.00

Best Section: Tubas (Gota Brass Band)
Best Instrumentalist: Johannes Forsberg (euphonium) — Gota Brass Band
Conductors Honours Prize: Michael Thomsen (Gota Brass Band)

First Division:
Adjudicators: Ray Farr, Maria Mouland
Set Work: Northern Landscapes (Peter Graham)
1. Immanuel Brass Stockholm (Andreas Lundin): 90
2. Asenhoga Brassband (Patrik Randefalk): 89
3. Torsby Brass (Berit Palmquist): 88
4. Malmo Brass Band (Jan Winborg): 86
5. Smyrna Brass (Henrik Glanneskog/Anders Hellman): 85

Best Section: Tubas (Immanuel Brass Stockholm)
Best Instrumentalist: Maria Bergstrom (flugel) — Asenhoga Brassband
Conductors Honours Prize: Andreas Lundin (Immanuel Brass Stockholm)

Second Division:
Adjudicators: Jappie Dijkstra, Maria Mouland
Set Work: Argos (Stephan Hodel)
1. Halmstad Brass (Jan Karlsson): 90
2. Habo Brassband (Ulrika Holm): 88
3. Bors Brassband (Ulrik Lundquist): 87
4. Helsingborgs Brassband (Mikael Johansson): 85
5. Limhamns Brassband (Andreas Wetterlund): 84

Best Section: Tubas (Halmstad Brass)
Best Instrumentalist: Erik Mattisson (cornet) — Halmstad Brass
Conductors Honours Prize: Mikael Johansson (Halmstad Brass)

MiniBrass Division:
1. Habo Small Band JR
2. Asenhoga Youth Brass Band
3. Goteborg Youth Brass Band

Best Section: Percussion (Habo Small Band)
Best Instrumentalist: Alfred Nilsson (Asenhoga Youth Brass Band)


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