Book: Samba for Schools

By Seán Hooper
Published by and available from Southern Percussion

Upon opening the package in which the book was sent, I must confess to being slightly taken back when I spotted the word ‘Samba’ on the front page. I soon realised that despite playing percussion for some 20 years, primarily in brass bands, I actually know very little, or in fact nothing about Samba. Once I started flicking through the book to assess the task in hand,
 I was taken back by how accessible it is and how easy it would be to use. I soon realised that this could really enhance my knowledge of Samba.

Seán has used his knowledge of some 25 years of educating and 50 years playing experience to put together, in one place, an excellent Samba resource. The book starts with a basic guide to Samba instrumentation and spends time introducing the instruments, their playing techniques and their role. Included is an excellent accompanying CD, which provides 75 sound samples of each instrument and exercises from within the book.

Samba for Schools provides any group leader, educator or individual a guide to rehearsal and performance techniques, which could prove to be invaluable for anyone who has little or no knowledge of Samba. Within the book, Seán looks to also develop different practice techniques, which are easily transferable to any form of percussion playing.

One of the high points of this book is that anyone could use it. Due to the use of phonetics, the book would suit anyone, from a classroom teacher who does not read music, to the established peripatetic teacher who is looking for material to supplement group teaching.

Seán has finished the book with further useful reference material about popular retailers that stock Samba instruments and sheet music. Even if you are not all that interested in Samba music, this book would prove to be an excellent resource tool to help any player become a more rounded percussionist.

Samba for Schools has been well put together by Seán Hooper. Presented in an A4 bound book with a pouch for the accompanying CD, the book has certainly enhanced my knowledge in a very short space of time and is a welcome addition to the current teaching material currently on the market.



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