UK Band of the Year launched

BrassPass TV has announced the launch of its new UK Band of The Year contest, to be held at The Stoller Hall, Chethams Music School, on 22ndJune 2019.
The contest will be an invitation event to the top ten ranked UK bands according to the official world rankings, at the end of December 2018.
The format of the contest will be an own choice, 30-minute programme, but it is stressed it is not an entertainment contest. Managing Director of IBB Media Ltd, Martin Gernon explains: “We want a showcase event where bands can perform to their full capability, with their own choice of repertoire. The only stipulation in the programming is that it needs to include a solo item. Other than that, bands can be as daring, innovative and far reaching as they wish.
“The event will be under open adjudication, with three internationally renowned top-class musicians forming the panel. No element of the judges scoring system will be allocated to entertainment, with 100% of the marks attributed to playing. In the event of a tie, the band with the higher ranked soloist will take precedence.”
“There is a minimum prize fund of £10,000, allocated as £5,000 to the winners, £3,000 for runners up and £2,000 for third place. Competing bands will also be given generous travel allowances and there is no entry fee. The timings of the event ensure no band will require an overnight hotel stay, thereby making the contest a zero financial burden on bands. The event will be pre-drawn to further assist band travel and preparation. We believe this will be the blueprint for which all major contests in the future will need to consider.
“The response from UK bands who are likely to be invited to this event has been extremely positive and we are confident of a great line up. Due to the strength of the competing field, the ranking points for this event will be extremely high.”
A new trophy is to be commissioned for the event, which forms part of ‘The Big Weekend’, with a Gala Concert given by The Black Dyke Band on the evening of the 22ndand the finals of a new Solo and Quartet Competition, on the Sunday.
The event will be live streamed around the world by BrassPass.TV as well as to what is expected to be, a capacity audience at The Stoller Hall.

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