From Umchucks to Cadenzas  

Tenor horn legend, Gordon Higginbottom's new book outlining his incredible musical experiences, is released for sale today. Entitled 'Umchucks to Cadenzas' — 'The Highs and Blows of Higgy' the book tells of life story of the pioneering soloist, including memories of his time as member of the world class James Shepherd Versatile Brass, brass banding, his work with Yamaha as well as recounting stories of the great musicians he met on his travels. 

Gordon said: "This is a book in which I relate the highs and lows of my musical journey of over 60 years as a player. There are many highs and some real low points for sure.  What has gone on behind the scenes will no doubt raise eyebrows, but also raise a few smiles. However, I simply relate events as they happened." 

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