‘Euro’ download videos to be released

World of Brass is to offer download audio and video of the 2017 ‘European’, thanks to sister company World of Sound

Once the dust has settled on this weekend's European Brass Band Championships, the winner crowned and the hype over until next year, wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit back in the comfort of your own armchair and to savour the whole experience again… or even for the first time if you weren’t lucky enough to have made it to Oostende?

Now you can! The UK-based Company, World of Brass, is going to offer download video bundles of Championship Section set test and own-choice performances, the Challenge Section and Saturday night Gala concert, all recorded and filmed by experts World of Sound.

The release of the video footage on You Tube and Vimeo will coincide with the release of the usual double DVD of the contest, which carries highlights, interviews and commentary for the full ‘European’ experience.

Why, then, is World of Brass offering download videos when it also produces a high quality DVD? “Because people are consuming audio and video products in all kinds of different ways and we want our customers to be able to access what they want, how they want. It is not possible to fit everything from the weekend onto the DVD and we’ve always known that, with this format, we can’t please everyone. We do, however, take time to present what we consider to be the real highlights of the event and present them with a sense of narrative and atmosphere. Customers now have the choice to download the videos to their ‘phone, tablet, smart TV or computer as well as, of course, to buy the DVD and we’re finding that it’s this kind of flexibility that people want,” said the Company’s Manager, Nicki Tonge.

During the latest Advent season, World of Brass offered a video download per day of the 2016 European Championship performances as a special offer before Christmas, which proved to be popular and are still available to purchase. Said Nicki Tonge: “A big benefit of online video is that you view in HD - exactly as it is captured.”

When will these downloads be available? “At the same time that we release the CD and DVD of the event, said Nicki Tonge, “which we hope will be earlier than the usual release date of the September British Open - we will publicise the release date as soon as it’s confirmed. Keep an eye on our channels; World of Brass on Vimeo and worldofbrass.com for YouTube.”

Visit www.worldofbrass.com for further updates

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