National Youth Finals judging teams announced

Brass Bands England has announced which sections the judges will preside over, as follows:

Beginners Section, commencing at 9.00am and finishing at 11.45pm, with results at 11.15am in Peel Hall: Richard Marshall, Mareika Gray.

Junior Championship, starting at midday, finishing at 5.15pm with results at 4.40pm in Peel Hall: Dr. David Thornton and Michael Golding.

Intermediate Championship, starting at 9.15am, finishing at 3.50pm with results at 3.00pm in Maxwell Hall: Thomas Wyss and Mark Harrison

Championship Section, starting at 4.00pm, finishing at 6.10pm with results at 5.40pm in Maxwell Hall: Richard Marshall and Mareika Gray.

Salford Graduation Band will provide the entertainment between sections


Photo: Richard Marshall

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