Let's Debate with Mike Kilroy

‘Continuous improvement must be the norm’

Last month, Brass Bands England Chairman, Mike Kilroy, called for a radical rethink of UK brass banding following the Oostende ‘European’, in which the UK – once the World leader of the past-time – failed to capture any adult titles. This month, BBW offers the Let’s Debate floor to Mike Kilroy to expand his thoughts about how Britain needs to approach brass banding to avoid facing the same fate as other activities in which it was once a World leader – manufacturing and football.

It is clear that, despite all of the benefits that brass banding provides, our collective lack of clarity, purpose and vision could well have led us to the brink of the calamitous failure that I mentioned earlier.

One of the reasons that large-scale failure has not occurred yet is probably due to the fact that large numbers of independent organisations, which do not rely upon each other commercially, can survive for a longer period. However, it is only a matter of time before the target market across the supply chain, whether it is new players and volunteers or new audiences, becomes disengaged and demand weakens…

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