Eikanger’s benchmark for 2017 British Open

Chief Contributor, Christopher Thomas, was Bergen, for the Norwegian National, at which Eikanger-Bjørsvik secured its eighth title in a decade with a performance that will live in the memory.

Walking through central Bergen on the first evening of NM 2017, it was impossible not to miss a very clear symbol of the esteem in which the Norwegian National Championships is held as 'NM Brass 2017' was projected onto the external wall of the Grieghallen in bold fluorescent tones; a small point perhaps, but one that speaks volumes for a contest that, with its prestige, scrupulous organisation, and sheer energy and dynamism, remains an event to both stimulate and often challenge our musical perceptions.      

As has been proved so many times in the past, NM Brass 2017 once again saw that symbol of prestige transported via a seemingly invisible channel of electricity, from the somewhat austere external elevations of the Grieghallen to its deceptively lush and acoustically satisfying interior, as Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag secured it’s eighth victory in a decade to take the title by what ultimately proved to be the minutest of margins…

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