LSO Brass at the Barbican

LSO Brass Ensemble performs Ayanna Witter-Johnson première at the Barbican Hall

The LSO Brass Ensemble, made up of many of the first class players of the brass section of the London Symphony Orchestra, will perform a concert on Thursday 26th November at the Barbican Hall, London. The programme will include several favourite arrangements for brass such as Brahms’ Two Intermessi Op 19 arr. Crees, Lyric Pieces by Grieg arr. Maynard, Bach’s Suite from the Goldberg Variations arr. Bright, Suite from Porgy and Bess by Gerswhin arr. Nightingale as well as Parker’s original work A Londoner in New York and the highly anticipated Ayanna Witter-Johnson première.

The first performance of Where Clouds Meet The Sea, by Ayanna Witter-Johnson, an LSO Soundhub composer forms the centre-piece of the concert. Soundhub is an innovative composer-led space, responding directly to the needs of those using it. Based at LSO St Luke’s, Soundhub provides a supportive environment for artists to try out new ideas, develop existing work and benefit from peer-to-peer networking and support. This unique flexible space where composers can explore, collaborate and experiment also affords its users access to vital resources, support from industry professionals and LSO players. 

The LSO Brass Ensemble’s instrumentation of four trumpets, four trombones, horn and tuba was pioneered by the renowned Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and its successor London Brass, whose ranks included legendary London Symphony Orchestra players such as Denis Wick, Eric Crees, Rod Franks and Maurice Murphy. The London Symphony Orchestra brass section today incorporates the top British players of a new generation, as well as some of the leading orchestral brass players in the world. With the current LSO Brass Ensemble performers including Dudley Bright-LSO Principal Trombone, Philip Cobb-LSO Principal Trumpet, Jason Evans-Philharmonia Principal Trumpet, Patrick Harrild-LSO Principal Tuba, Timothy Jones-LSO Principal Horn, James Maynard-LSO trombonist, Paul Milner-LSO Principal Bass Trombone, Peter Moore-LSO Co-Principal Trombone, Daniel Newell-LSO trumpet and Gerry Ruddock-LSO trumpet, this is one concert not to be missed!

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