Perfect 10 for 3BA

3BA Band, at the forefront of what is rapidly becoming a flourishing brass band movement in Germany, recently marked its tenth anniversary with a concert at the Bavarian Brass Academy in Inglostadt. The Bavarian city marked the occasion with presentations before the anniversary was rounded off with a special concert performance. In addition there was also a fantastic 'March 'n' Fun' Contest, where musicians were able to showcase their previously unknown comedic talent. First prize of a beer barrel and new Geneva tenor horn went to the Woodshockers Brass Band and conductor Benjamin Markl, who provided the Gala Concert with a wonderfully uplifting musical aperitif.

Before the concert began, the first Band President, Jorg Seggelke, thanked current Honorary Conductor Franz Matysiak and President Claus-Peter Wittmann, for their dedication and commitment to the band and in creating a foundation on which the future of the organisation and that of German banding can now be built. The 3BA Concert Band also ensured that it was to be a memorable occasion under their conductor Thomas Ludescher, in a performance that featured the world premiere of 3BA-Methamorphoseeiner Band by Swiss composer Tristan Uth.

Written specially for the occasion, the work paints a quartet of musical portraits of some of the most important people that have been involved in the organisation. In addition, the band also gave fine performances of Excalibur by Jan van der Roost before rounding off the first half with an engrossing reading of Vita Aeterna Variations by Alexander Comitas. The second half also saw a memorable musical partnership between the band and a number of local soloists and choirs in Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, in an arrangement by Robert Sibich. 

A spokesperson for the event told BBW: "This was a wonderful occasion, an appreciation not just of the history of the 3BA organisation, but a celebration of 10 years of outstanding, inspirational music making. We have come a long way in the past decade - and today, the brass band is an established musical genre that continues to grow. The people of Ingolstadt are very proud of the 3BA organisation as a pioneer in the German brass band movement."

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