Concord wins the Danish National Title 

23 bands took to the stage in Musikhuset Aarhus at the Danish National Championships last weekend. Concord Brass Band, under the direction of Reid Gilje, found favour with the judging panel of Frode Rydland, Florent Didier, Jonathan Bates and were crowned champions of Denmark.  In addition to the National title the band also secured their place at the European Championships in Birmingham. The band’s performances of the set work, 'Songs of Ascent' by Jonathan Bates plus their own-choice test-piece selection of Philip Sparke's 'Music of the Spheres' gave them a comfortable two point lead over second placed local favourites Arhus Brass Band with Lyngby-Tårbæk Brass Band completing the podium places. 
Congratulations are also deserved by Skanderborg Brass, Aalborg Post Orkester and Peder Most Garden on winning the National title in their own divisions. Full results can be viewed below: 
Adjudicators: Frode Rydland, Florent Didier, Jonathan Bates 
Test piece: Songs of Ascent (Jonathan Bates) 
Set Work/Own Choice = Total 
1. Concord Brass (Reid Gilje): 95.3/95.0 = 95.2 
2. Arhus Brass (Stig Maersk): 95.0/93.0 = 94.0 
3. Lyngby-Tårbæk (Tim De Maeseneer): 94.7/92.0 = 93.4 
4. FDF Christianshavn Brass (Robert Bang): 86.7/89.7 = 88.2 
5. Nordvestjysk Brass (Huw Thomas): 87.3/88.7 = 88.0 
Best Soloist in Set Work: Solo cornet (Lyngby-Taarbaek Brass) 
Trophy for Highest Points in Own Choice: Concord Brass 

First Division: 
Adjudicators: Frode Rydland, Florent Didier, Jonathan Bates 
Set Work/Own Choice = Total 
1. Skanderborg Brass (Michelle Rakers): 94.0/93.0 = 93.5 
2. Dania Brass (Dennis Andersen): 93.0/91.7 = 92.4 
3. Hinnerup Gardens Brass (Anne Mette Tilsted Hansen): 91.0/92.0 = 91.5 
4. Frederiksberg Brass (Mikkel Amsinck): 90.0/89.7 = 89.9 
5. Danfoss Orkestret (Gert Skovlod Hattesen): 88.0/88.3 = 88.2 
Best Soloist in Set Work: Flugel (Skanderborg Brass) 

Second Division: 
Set Work/Own Choice = Total 
1. Aalborg Post Orkester (Henrik Juul-Brinkmann): 90.0/91.7 = 90.9 
2. Flyverhjemmevaernets Musikkorps (Thomas Lorup Hylgaard): 91.0/89.0 = 90.0 
3. Svogerslev Brass (Henrik Naeser Christiansen): 89.7/88.0 = 88.9 
Best Soloist in Set Work: Cornet (Flyverhjemmevaernets Musikkorps) 

Third Division: 
Set Work/Own Choice = Total 
1. Peder Most Garden (Bjarke Visby Andersen): 90.7/92.7 = 91.7 
2. FDF Aarhus Musikkreds (Simon Saetre Kjaergaard): 87.7/88.3 = 88.0 
3. FDF Gladsaxe Brass (Carl Viggo Jespersen): 85.3/89.3 = 87.3 
4. Greve-Vedbaek Brass (Mathias Snejbjerg): 82.7/83.7 = 83.2 
Best Soloist in Set Work: Horn (FDF Greve-Vedbaek Brass) 


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