2022 Regional Tests Announced

The test-pieces for next year’s area qualifiers were announced today at the Cheltenham National Finals to coincide with the release of the CD recording that features all five works. The choices made by the Kapitol Promotions Ltd Music Panel of Robert Childs, Sandy Smith, Richard Evans, John Maines, Brian Buckley and Samantha Harrison are by some of the most well-respected composers for the medium and span over fifty years historically. 

Championship Section bands will be tested by Wilfred Heaton's 'Contest Music'. This choice is sure to be popular with it already being used at the regionals in 1985 as well as being selected for previous British Open, Masters, National and European competitions.

Gilbert Vinter’s 'Spectrum' has been chosen for the first section and is again a firm favourite within the movement in addition to being a solid test. Originally written for the 1969 British Open it has since become an absolute classic, being used for the area contest in both 1976 and again twenty years later in 1996.

Second Section bands will face 'The Aeronauts' by Goff Richards, originally written for the famous West of England Bandsman's Festival in Bugle in 1978 and inspired by his father's love of aviation.

Gordon Langford provides the Third Section test piece with 'Facets of Glass’. It was written in 1984 and inspired by the glass making traditions of the Pilkington Glass Company who commissioned it.

The Fourth Section has been treated to the most contemporary work: 'Argos' by Stephan Hodel, commissioned by the Luzerner Kantonal-Blasmusikverbandes LKBV. Written in 2009, it was used as the set-test piece for the Third Section of the 2010 Lucerne Cantonal Music Festival, Willisau and was also recently used as the test piece for the 2019 Development Section of the European Youth Championships.

2022 Regional Test Pieces:

Championship Section: Contest Music (Wilfred Heaton)
First Section: Spectrum (Gilbert Vinter)
Second Section: The Aeronauts (Goff Richards)
Third Section: Facets of Glass (Gordon Langford)
Fourth Section: Argos (Stephan Hodel)


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