2021 Foden's online Whit Friday Championships Results


Congratulations to Cory, 1st Old Boys, Wantage Concert Brass, Seindorf Beaumaris Cross Keys Silver, University of Huddersfield Brass, Elland Silver Youth and Macclesfield Youth as a global audience enjoyed the virtual Whit Friday performances of  57 different marches by 119 bands from 13 countries.

Commenting on the undoubted success of the event a spokesperson from Foden’s stated, “Our 2021 Online Whit Friday Championships has been every bit the celebration of brass music we had hoped for and our sincere thanks to every member of every band that has contributed towards this terrific event.  Congratulations to all the prize winners. On behalf of all at Foden's Band, we'd like to wish all bands the safest, swiftest and best returns to live music making and we can't wait to see you all in-person in the near future.”

Over £3,400 was raised through the virtual contest, which will contribute towards the future of the Saddleworth & Tameside Whit Friday Championships. Donations can still be made by following this JustGiving link: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/whitfriday 


Championship Section:
1. Cory Band (Wales)
2. Bedroom Brass (England)
3. GUS Band (England)
4. British Army Brass Band (UK)
5. Aldbourne Band (England)
6. Atlantic Brass Band (USA)

First Section:
1. 1st Old Boys (Northern Ireland)
2. Strata Brass (England)
3. Houston Brass Band (USA)
4. Eccles Borough Band (England)
5. Third Carrickfergus (Northern Ireland)
6. Five Lakes Silver Band (USA)

Second Section:
1. Wantage Concert Brass (England)
2. Lochgelly (Scotland)
3. Wakefield Metropolitan Brass (England)
4. Bearpark & Esh (England)
5. Annan Town (Scotland)
6. Hinnerup Garden (Denmark)

Third Section:
1. Seindorf Beaumaris (Wales)
2. Langholm Town (Scotland)
3. Skelmersdale Prize (England)
4. Bendigo United Brass (Australia)
5. Dungannon Silver Band (Northern Ireland)
6. Darwen Brass (England)

Fourth Section:
1. Cross Keys Silver (Wales)
2. City of Birmingham Brass (England)
3. Littleborough (England)
4. Test Valley Brass (England)
5. Trentham Brass (England)
6. Amersham Community Brass (England)

Un-Registered Section:
1. University of Huddersfield Brass (England)
2. University of Manchester Brass (England)
3. The Ambassadors (England)
4. Galashiels Town (Scotland)
5. Age UK 'Creating a Buzz' Band (UK)
6. Woodhouse Prize Band (England)

Youth Section:
1. Elland Silver Youth (England)
2. UWCSEA Dover Brass Band — Singapore (Singapore)
3. Lions Youth Brass (England)
4. The National Youth Band of Denmark (Denmark)
5. Enderby Youth Band (England)
6. Macclesfield Youth Brass Band (England)

Most Innovative Presentation: Macclesfield Youth

Overall Results:
1. Cory Band (Championship)
2. Bedroom Brass (Championship)
3. GUS Band (Championship)
4. British Army Brass Band (Championship)
5. Aldbourne Band (Championship)
6. Atlantic Brass Band (Championship)
7. Brass Band of Central Florida (Championship)
8. St Dennis Band (Championship)
9. Amersham Band (Championship)
10. Elland Silver (Championship)
11. 1st Old Boys (First)
12. Enderby Band (Championship)
13. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Championship)
14. Strata Brass (First)
15. UNISON Kinneil (Championship)
16. Houston Brass Band (First)
17. Eccles Borough (First)
18. Bo'ness & Carriden (Championship)
19. Third Carrickfergus (First)
20. Five Lakes Silver Band (First)
21. Wantage Band (Championship)
22. Marsden Silver Prize (First)
23. Stonehenge Silver (Championship)
24. Lindley (First)
25. Arhus Brass (First)
26. Seindorf Arian Deiniolen (First)
27. Strabane Brass (First)
28. VBS Poynton Band (First)
29. Hitchin Band (Championship)
30. Steel City Brass (Championship)
31. Distant Brass (Championship)
32. Jackfield Band (First)
33. Immortal Brass Eternally (Championship)
34. Hade Edge (First)
35. Pontardulais Town (First)
36. SW COMMS Band (Championship)
37. Bollington Brass (First)
38. Langley Band (First)
39. Chiltern Hills Brass (First)
40. Rockville Brass Band (First)
41. Milton Keynes Brass (First)
42. Freckleton (First)
43. Wantage Concert Brass (Second)
44. Lochgelly (Second)
45. Wakefield Metropolitan Brass (Second)
46. Bearpark & Esh Colliery Band (Second)
47. Wotton-under-Edge Silver (First)
48. Annan Town (Second)
49. Hinnerup Garden (Second)
50. Warringah Concert Brass (Championship)
51. Selkirk Silver (Second)
52. Cross Keys Silver (Fourth)
53. University of Huddersfield Brass (UnRegistered)
54. University of Manchester Brass (UnRegistered)
55. Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band (First)
56. Elland Silver Youth (Youth)
57. UWCSEA Dover Brass Band — Singapore (Youth)
58. Seindorf Beaumaris (Third)
59. City of Birmingham Brass (Fourth)
60. The Ambassadors (UnRegistered)
61. Lions Youth Brass (Youth)
62. The National Youth Band of Denmark (Youth)
63. Audley Brass (Second)
64. Gresley Colliery Band (Second)
65. Langholm Town (Third)
66. City of Bristol Brass (First)
67. Galashiels Town (UnRegistered)
68. Littleborough (Fourth)
69. Test Valley Brass (Fourth)
70. Age UK 'Creating a Buzz' Band (UnRegistered)
71. Skelmersdale Prize (Third)
72. Bendigo United Brass (Third)
73. Enderby Youth (Youth)
74. Woodhouse Prize (UnRegistered)
75. Langley Community Brass (UnRegistered)
76. Dungannon Silver (Third)
77. Tendring Brass (Second)
78. Macclesfield Youth Brass (Youth)
79. Trentham Brass (Fourth)
80. Amersham Community Brass (Fourth)
81. Whit Spirit (Fourth)
82. Red Admiral Brass (Fourth)
83. Golborne Brass (Fourth)
84. Darwen Brass (Third)
85. St Helens Youth Brass (Youth)
86. Downton Band (Second)
87. Elland Silver Community Brass (UnRegistered)
88. Amersham Concert Brass (UnRegistered)
89. Camping and Caravanning Club Brass (UnRegistered)
90. Salvo Brass (UnRegistered)
91. Mbale Schools Band (Youth)
92. Coleshill Youth Brass (Youth)
93. St. John's Band (Mossley) (Fourth)
94. Loxley Silver (Fourth)
95. Western Brass (Third)
96. Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield) Band (Third)
97. Littleport Brass (Third)
98. King's College London Brass (UnRegistered)
99. Wroughton Silver (Third)
100. Wincanton Silver (Fourth)
101. Gresley Colliery Youth (Youth)
102. Fakenham Town (UnRegistered)
103. South Derbyshire Music Centre Family Brass (UnRegistered)
104. Poyntzpass Silver (Fourth)
105. Royston Town (Fourth)
106. Royal Oakeley Silver (Fourth)
107. Rode Hall Silver (Third)
108. Abbey Brass (Abingdon) (Fourth)
109. King's Lynn Town (UnRegistered)
110. Dobcross Youth (Youth)
111. Elland Silver Training (Youth)
112. Banovallum Brass (Fourth)
113. Brass Roots — Amersham (Youth)
114. Oldham Music Centre Senior Band (Youth)
115. Tameside Youth/Hattersley Brass (Youth)
116. Lions Junior Brass (Youth)
117. Audley Community Band (UnRegistered)
118= Dobcross Training (Youth)
118= St Helens Youth Beginners Brass (Youth)


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