Festmusik: A Legacy will be released on 30th April 2021. Recorded by Chandos Records, it features brass quintet Onyx alongside John Wilson and Septura in an uplifting new rendition of the eponymous Strauss work for brass. Alongside this are new transcriptions of ‘Zwei Gesänge’ by Strauss for 16 part brass choir and music for quintet by Schumann, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Rubinstein and Franz. 

The recording is based around a collection of letters, long forgotten by the Gordon Shute family until they were re-discovered and passed on to Dave (tuba with Onyx) where he found they were written by all of the above composers and concern music all recorded here. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as Onyx will be releasing a number of videos previewing the amazing music recorded.

Available for pre-order via the following link: https://www.chandos.net/products/catalogue/CHAN%205284?fbclid=IwAR2D6nd9Q_jbf6A6GsycMoYgCRTpgPy_g8IZRGUV8JtmgtsxANL13KlnD-I


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