Black Dyke 'Virtual Brass Day'


Black Dyke Band recently held its first 'Virtual Brass Day' where over 80 delegates joined players from the band for a great day of inspiration and fun. Most delegates logged on from their homes in the UK or further afield in Europe, although some were as far away as Canada, meaning a 4.30am start time to enjoy all of the day’s highlights. 

Repertoire for the day included classics for band such as, 'Punchinello', 'Doyen' by Goff Richards, the ever popular cornet trio, 'Buglers' Holiday', 'Toccata in D Minor' with Eric Ball’s 'Journey into Freedom' providing a more challenging test. The engaging and interactive rehearsals were led by Director of Music, Professor Nicholas Childs, whilst further inspiration was provided by Brett Baker and Richard Marshall on the topics of practice and technique. A unique brass band University Challenge saw Bb Bass player, Matthew Routley as the host and quiz master before delegates were given the opportunity to meet Black Dyke legends James Shepherd and John Clough

The day was heralded as a great success by all involved with one participant stating: "It was really great fun to participate in the virtual day! It had cool music and motivational conversations and the great interview from Prof. Childs with icons John Clough and James Shepherd was a huge highlight!"

Professor Childs also commented on the day’s events, "Our thanks go to everyone who supported us, especially our partner, Geneva Instruments. This was a huge undertaking as part of our ongoing outreach work giving something back to the banding community. The response was amazing and showed us just how important it is to maintain links to the banding communities round the world where the name of Black Dyke remains synonymous with innovation and excellence."


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