BlechKLANG wins German Brass Band Entertainment

Congratulations to Brass Band BlechKLANG on winning the German Brass Band Entertainment Contest by an impressive 6 point margin. The Brass Band Entertainment Contest took place on Saturday 1st June as part of the German Music Festival in Osnabrück. Versatile show elements, outstanding soloists and best entertainment from the first to the last note were the hallmarks of the fine performance delivered by the band from Jena, under the skillful direction of Conductor Alexander Richter.

 The adjudicators Oliver Chadik, Stefan Ametsbichler, Andreas, Martin Hofmeir and Magnus Hylander awarded the program "Call of the Cossacks" (after the eponymous piece by Peter Graham) a total of 91.75 points. Second place went to the Nordbayerische Brass Band with 85.5 points. Third place went to the Jugend Brass Band PotzBlech with 80.5 points.

Commenting on the win, MD Alexander Richter said: "I am incredibly proud of my band. To deliver such a performance only four weeks after the joint concert with the Jena Philharmonic orchestra, testifies to the dedication and skill of every musician - BRAVO!"

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