Music: Flugel and Baritone Duet - One September Morning

By Robert Eaves

One September Morning in 2016, a distinguished composer sat down and wrote this little four-and-a-half minute gem under the pseudonym, Robert Eaves, a pen name he had adopted early in his career. He had been working with Black Dyke Band on a course and had been mightily impressed by the talents for flugel horn player, Zoë Hancock, and principal baritone, Katrina Marzella, and decided that he would like to write something for them to play together. The result was this beautiful duo, perfectly proportioned and scored, which gave both players ample scope to display their lyrical qualities and superb musicianship.

One September Morning is a modest piece, in which the two solo instruments share a simple, arching melody with gentle accompaniment full of pungent harmonies. There is a slight reflective feeling as the harmonies dip into the minor mode, but the mood is warm and relaxed. It should be playable by bands of most levels that are lucky enough to possess a good flugel and solo baritone (although it could be equally as effective played by cornet and euphonium), and I imagine that it will become a popular item in entertainment programmes. As to the identity of the mysterious Mr. Eaves, a little bird has whispered to me that it is none other than Edward Gregson (but don't tell anyone!).


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