Product: Bach Flugelhorn

183G (rose gold bell) Flugelhorn
Bach Stradivarius -

Black Dyke’s Zoe Hancock tells readers why she has switched to the new rose gold bell Bach Stradivarius USA 183G Flugelhorn

I have enjoyed playing my Vincent Bach Stradivarius Flugel for the last 12 years and never thought it could be replaced. When I had the opportunity to be an artist for Vincent Bach, it was too good to miss and, for me, there was only one answer. I have now been playing my new rose gold bell Stradivarius for two months and have not been disappointed.

This new model is quite simply astonishing, the instrument is beautiful and so well-built. I think that the Vincent Bach is smaller than some of the others on the market and the bell size certainly isn’t as big, but for some players (like me) that is better as it doesn’t need as much air to fill it. Therefore it is extremely free-blowing through all registers and so responsive, especially when trying to play quietly. I am still able to achieve good clarity through technical passages, especially when double and triple-tonguing.

More recently in brass banding, the flugel horn has become part of the horn section now and either doubles up with the solo horn, or is heard as the highest voice. Therefore, the tone of the flugel should be mellow and rich to match with the middle of the band. The tone quality that the Bach produces is sublime and, more importantly, stays the same throughout all the registers.

Intonation can be a big headache for flugel players - it’s not even our own fault. The Bach is generally very good throughout the harmonic range, especially in the middle range and at different dynamics. The first valve can be slightly flat, especially in ‘Ds’ and ‘Fs’ above middle ‘C’, but if the player is aware it can be sorted.

For me, the most important part of my playing is my sound. The Vincent Bach Stradivarius Flugel has enhanced that tenfold and, with this instrument, I am now enjoying my playing more than ever.



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