Help Save Bilton Silver

Bilton Silver band is at a critical stage in its 127 year history. With over a hundred enthusiastic members aged from 6 to 90, all from the local community, but they have not been able to play together since March. A spokesperson from the band commented, “We have a fantastic band room, but we cannot use it to rehearse because the room is not COVID-secure. With your help, we can raise the £6000 that we need to install a fresh-air ventilation system to get us playing together again. Without these funds, we risk losing our band. The impact on all members, as well as the community who we support through our music, will be simply devastating.”

Bilton Silver would usually have performed at many concerts, contests and events over the year, but due to COVID-19,  have not been able to perform live since March 2020 – and since lockdown started, have not even been able to meet to rehearse. It’s not just the Senior Bandat risk, Bilton’s 50+ young (and not-so-young) training band members are also missing band, not to mention the fantastic Evolution band, a contesting band with members of all ages.

A further statement from the band explained, “Our whole band family just wants to be able to get back to making music together. We know our audiences are missing us too – we want to connect with you all once more; we want to get back to supporting our local community with parades and town and village celebrations, and getting us back rehearsing is the first step to achieving this. Your donations will be used to get us back playing in the bandroom – to #SaveOurBand”


A heartfelt video made by the band giving the full details can be viewed below:


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