2020 North Wales BBA Solo & Ensemble 

The popular North Wales Brass Band Association Solo & Ensemble Contest took place in Galeri, Caernarfon last weekend with over 130 entries from eight competing bands. Commenting on the event NWBBA Chair, Aled Williams stated, "To start the contest with over 30 players under the age of 12 is fantastic and bodes well for banding in north Wales." It proved to be an expecially successful day for the Gwilliam family from Beaumaris who competed as a family quartet, in addition to 3rd prize for both girls, Catrin and Elin in their respective sections, a 1st prize for Elin and duet partner Glwys in the U14s and a win for Dad Bari Gwilliam in the Open Slow Melody contest. The new Beaumaris MD also had the honour of being awarded Champion Soloist of North Wales and taking hoe the impressive Champion Sword.
Slow Melody Under 10:
1. Thea Ormrod (Llandudno)
2. Harri Morgan Bale (Deiniolen)
3. Catrin Gwilliam (Beaumaris)
Slow Melody Under 12:
1. Glwys Morus Williams (Beaumaris)
2. Macsen Wyn Stevens (Beaumaris)
3. Ifan Aled Evans (Deiniolen)
Tlws Iwan Williams Most promising Player: Amy Longmuir (Northop)
Slow Melody Under 14:
1. Stephanie Jonas (Northop)
2. George Hughes (Llandudno)
3. Elin Gwilliam (Beaumaris)
Slow Melody Under 16:
1. Glyn Porter (Deiniolen)
2. Elin Dafydd (Deiniolen)
3. Elis Masarelli-Hughes (Dyffryn Nantlle)
Tlws Eilir Most Promising Player: Cai Roberts (Beaumaris)
Slow Melody Under 18:
1. Maya Jones (Northop)
2. Ela Williams (Deiniolen)
3. Iwan Griffith (Deiniolen)
Duet Under 14:
1. Elin a Glwys (Beaumaris)
2. Sophie a Stephanie (Northop)
3 = Iestyn a Goronwy (Beaumaris)
3 = Eneas a Lleu (Beaumaris)
Duet Under 18:
1. Morgan a Glyn (Deiniolen)
2. Matthew a Jessica (Porthaethwy)
3. Anya a Siriol (Dyffryn Nantlle)
Duet Open:
1. Dylan ac Ela (Deiniolen)
2. Morgan a Bronwen (Beaumaris)
3. Rachel a Lois Angharad (Deiniolen)
Air Varie Under 14:
1. Stephanie Jonas (Northop)
2. Ifan Aled Evans (Deiniolen)
3. Catrin Mai (Deiniolen)
Air Varie Under 16:
1. Glyn Porter (Deiniolen)
2. Cynan Griffiths (Deiniolen)
3. Elin Dafydd (Deiniolen)
Air Varie Under 18:
1. Ela Williams (Deiniolen)
2. Morgan Gwyn Williams (Deiniolen)
3. Arwyn Edwards (Deiniolen)
Small Ensemble Under 18:
1. Elin, Llio, Cameron a Cïan (Beaumaris)
Small Ensemble Open:
1. Northop Quartet (Northop)
2. A Menai Bridge Too Far (Porthaethwy)
3. Groµp Deiniolen (Deiniolen)
Air Vaire Open:
1. Bronwen Llinos (Beaumaris)
Slow Melody Open:
1. Bari Gwilliam (Beaumaris)
2. Bronwen Llinos (Beaumaris)
3. Urien Sion (Deiniolen)
Band of the Day:
1. Seindorf Arian Deiniolen
2. Seindorf Beaumaris
3. Northop Silver

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