Cory wins Brass in Concert 2019

Cory have rounded off the contesting calendar in 2019 with yet another victory to their name. The Brass in Concert Championship title is the fifth major trophy the band has won this year under the direction of MD Philip Harper, making 2019 another Grand Slam for the World’s number one.

The band’s programme was inspired by the Jungle Book and entirely created by Philip Harper. Commenting on the process Philip stated, "Each contest has it challenges and this one in particular. I thought long and hard about the inspiration behind the programme and started work on it in March to make sure I got it the way I wanted.” The adjudicating team of Ian Bousfield, Nick Grace, Jeremy Wise, Chris Jeans and Mike Lovatt were certainly taken with the band’s programme, as well as the superb playing, awarding them a near perfect score of 197. The band also walked away with a host of other prizes including Best Soprano, Best Principal cornet, Best Percussion, Winning MD, Best Entertainment and Presentation, Best Quality of Performance, Best Programme Content and the New Composition/Arrangement Award for Philip Harper’s ‘La Surrey de los Tontes’.

Carlton Main Frickley were also in fine form, under the baton of Dr David Thornton, and ran the Champions closer than the points margin may suggest, with Dr Nick Grace placing them first for quality of performance. Kirsty Abbots was also awarded the Best Soloist Prize by adjudicator Les Neish. Flowers were once again blooming with their performance which earned them and conductor Paul Holland the final podium placing.

There was also excitement in the Youth Brass in Concert Championships with Lee Rigg leading Wardle Academy Band to a perfect 200 point victory, as decided by judges Roger Argente and Jayne Murrill.
Music/Music/Content/Entertainment = Total
Bousfield/Grace/Wise/Jeans/Lovatt = Total
1. Cory (Philip Harper): 60/57/40/20/20 = 197
2. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery (Dr David Thornton): 54/60/32/19/19 = 184
3. Flowers (Paul Holland): 45/54/38/14/17 = 168
4. Brighouse & Rastrick (Russell Gray): 57/51/28/18/13 = 167
5. Tredegar (Ian Porthouse): 51/45/36/17/16 = 165
6. Brass Band Schoonhoven (Robbert Vos): 39/48/30/16/15 = 148*
7. Friary (Chris King): 42/39/34/15/18 = 148*
8. NASUWT Riverside (David Roberts): 48/33/20/13/12 = 126*
9. City of Hull (Stig Maersk): 36/42/24/10/14 = 126*
10. Hammonds (Morgan Griffiths): 33/36/22/12/10 = 113
11. Reg Vardy (John Roberts): 33/30/26/11/11 = 108
* denotes Quality of Performance points take precedence in order of tied placings
Individual Awards:
Don Lusher Trombone Award: Isobel Daws (Friary)  
Harry Mortimer Best Principal Cornet Award: Tom Hutchinson (Cory)
The Fesa Trophy for Best Flugel Award: Danny Winder (Tredegar)
The Gateshead MBC Trophy for Best Soprano Award: Steve Stewart (Cory)
The Louis and Colin Johnson Trophy for Best Percussion Section: Cory
Best Euphonium: Chris Robertson (Brighouse & Rastrick)
Best Baritone: Ben Stratford (Tredegar)
Best Horn: Zoe Wright (Hammonds)
John Fletcher Best Basses Award: Brighouse & Rastrick
Best Entertainment and Presentation: Cory
Audience Entertainment Prize: Friary 
Best Programme Content: Cory
Quality of Performance: Cory
Best Soloist: Kirsty Abbotts (cornet) Carlton Main
New Composition/Arrangement Award : Philip Harper (La Surrey de los Tontes)
Winning MD: Philip Harper
Youngest Player: Harry Porthouse of Tredegar (aged 15)
2019 Youth Brass in Concert Championships Result:
Roger Argente (quality of performance)
Jayne Murrill (entertainment and presentation)
Performance + Entertainment & Presentation = Total
1. Wardle Academy Youth (Lee Rigg): 120 (1) + 80 (1) = 200
2. Elland Silver Youth (Samantha Harrison): 111 (4) + 76 (3) = 187
3. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans): 108 (5) + 78 (2) = 186
4. Lions Youth Brass (Nigel Birch): 117 (2) + 68 (7) = 185
5. Houghton Area Youth (Brian Adams): 114 (3) + 70 (6) = 184
6. Macclesfield Youth Band (Louise Renshaw): 105 (6) + 74 (4) = 179
7. Rochdale Borough Youth (Ben Dixon): 102 (7) + 72 (5) = 174
Best Soloist: Adam Warburton (trombone) — Wardle Academy Youth

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