BrassPass UK Band of The Year adjudicators announced

The three adjudicators for The BrassPass Band of The Year Contest have been announced as Jan De Haan, Reid Gilje and Tom Brevik.
Announcing the panel, Paul Hindmarsh, part of the organising committee of the Contest, and responsible for jury selection and criteria, commented: “The contest, which is striving for excellence in every department, wanted international judges with the musical pedigree, experience and skills of the highest level. I’m glad to say we succeeded with the selection of this jury panel. All are highly experienced judges with a wealth of musical experience, talent and knowledge, and will bring the highest level of judicial integrity to the contest.”
“The adjudication will be ‘open' and each judge will independently score the bands 1 - 9. The lowest aggregate score providing the winning band. Each judge will also mark the soloist item, which is the only mandatory item in a band’s performance, 1 - 9 as well. This will not only determine the soloist award, but in the event of a tie, the higher placed soloist of the tied bands will determine the higher placing.”
Paul Hindmarsh concluded: “This contest is set to become a major annual event and, as such, next year’s panel has already been selected and confirmed! We want this contest to be using the very best adjudicators available worldwide and next year’s panel is every bit as qualified as this year’s!”
BrassPass MD, Martin Gernon, also commented: “ I am very grateful to Paul for his assistance and guidance in jury selection. I am thrilled we have not only attracted top bands to this contest, but also top adjudicators."


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