‘Hear From Harper’ video series launched

Cory Band have launched the first in an exclusive three-part series of in-depth video interviews with their inspirational Musical Director, Philip Harper.
Facing real questions submitted by their social media followers from as far as the USA, Philip provides honest answers and insights into a range of topics, including: open adjudication,  player recruitment, band room discipline, programme planning, plus reveals who his musical idols are, which player he’d take to a desert island with him, and what the recipe for Cory’s success under his tenure has been. He even talks about how he feared for the sack, and divulges how tall he is.
Philip said, “People don’t often get to see and hear what happens behind the scenes in elite banding unless you are part of one of them, but that’s something at Cory we’re making real efforts to change. There is a huge appetite amongst the World’s banding community for bands like Cory to open themselves up a bit more and hopefully this series of interviews will provide them with some insight and interesting revelations.”
He continued, “Cory now have over 28,000 worldwide followers across our Facebook,
Twitter and YouTube channels and we want to ensure we reach out and engage with them on a regular basis with quality and interesting content. There are lots of people who can’t get to our live performances for one reason or another and we feel we have a duty to provide them with something in return for the amazing support they continue to provide us with.”
When asked about future plans, Philip said, “We are lucky to have a couple of players within the band with the professional expertise and skills to enable us to reach out in more creative ways. With their help we have some really exciting things in the pipeline including: interviews and performance tips from players including Tom Hutchinson (Principal Cornet) and Steve Stewart (Soprano), plus we’ll definitely be recording more tutorials similar to the highly successful ‘Stantonbury Festival’ video we published a few months ago, which received really positive feedback and over 10,000 views.”
The first part of the ‘Hear from Harper’ series can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLYAlZ6UEBU 
You can on follow Cory Band on Facebook and Twitter @Coryband, to keep up to date with all their latest news and content.

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