Butlins announces 2020 test-pieces

The Butlins Festival music panel have pleasure in announcing the test-pieces for the 2020 contest, which will take place at the Skegness Resort over the weekend of the 10-13 January.

The festival will once again incorporate the increasingly popular Butlins Youth Band Festival, whilst the Championship Section winners will potentially walking away with a first prize of £12,000. All five senior sections will compete on Saturday 11 January with the Championship section bands performing the set work, ‘Songs Of Ascent’by Jonathan Bates (publisher: Jonathon Bates Music). A special £1,000 prize and a trophy will be awarded to the winner of test-piece element of the contest, whilst a further £1,000 will be given to the band topping the entertainment element the following day. That will once again hosted by Frank Renton with the decision made by four adjudicators; two music adjudicators (sitting together) giving 50% of the marks and two entertainment adjudicators (also sitting together) also giving 50% of the marks. The entertainment marks will take precedence in the event of a tie.
Festival Director Steve Walker said: "As we have seen, the simple marking system ensures that, in the opinion of the adjudicators, the best band will win the overall first prize. Our continued emphasis on the Sunday entertainment content is in response to the general consensus of opinion from our guests with whom we have a constant dialogue. Bands considering entering the Championship Section needn't feel that they need to come with all new bespoke programmes. A well played entertaining programme that the audience enjoys is sure to score highly." He added: "We believe that the Butlins Festival to be a unique event in the banding calendar and remind bands interested in competing in 2020 that in order to assist bands to plan their schedules all sections are now open for entry.”

The competitors in the other senior sections will also be faced with challenging works if they are to get their hands on the generous prize awards. Section winners will claim £2,000, with podium prizes of £1,000, £700 and £500. The test-pieces are as follows:
1st Section: ‘Symphonic Episodes For Brass Band’ (Brian Balmages, arr. Mike Kilmartin. Publisher: BVT Music gcv)
2nd Section: ‘Galdhøppigen’ (Simon Kerwin. Publisher Musikverlag Frank)
3rd Section: ‘Gothic Dances’ (Alan Fernie. Publisher Obrasso-Verlag AG)
4th Section: ‘A Bournemouth Suite’ (Benjamin Tubb. Publisher Jagrins Music Publications)
Brian Eggleshaw, the Butlins Contest Administrator, reminds bands that Butlins is NOT an invitation only event, and bands from all sections wishing to receive an entry pack should contact him immediately via email brian.eggleshaw@gmail.com
The Butlins Youth Band Festival has a prize fund of £2,300 and will take place on Sunday 12 January. Applications for the Unregistered and Youth Sections are also invited, with those wishing to enter should apply in writing to the contest administrator:
Brian Eggleshaw,
Butlins Contest Administrator,
27 Dutton Avenue,
Lincolnshire PE25 2HR 

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