2019 French National Championship

Congratulations to Hauts de France who won their fifth National Championship in Mégacité, Amiens under the skillful direction of conductor Luc Vertommen. Only a point separated the champions and runners-up Paris Brass Band and Paul Holland, Chairman of the Adjudicating panel was keen to pay tribute to the outstanding performances from both bands. Paris Brass Band impressed with the own choice selection of ‘Music of the Spheres’ by Philip Sparke, whilst Hauts de France were technically dazzling with Simon Dobson’s ‘The Turing Test’. Both bands also delivered superb performances of the set test, however it was Hauts de France who were the deserving winners when the results were announced. 

Congratulations also go to the winners of the lower divisions: Douai Brass Band, Brass Band du Hainaut, Brass Band de L'Oise and Brass Band Coniques.
Full Results:
Jury: Paul Holland (president), Bastien Stil, Jacob de Haan

Division Honneur:
Test piece: St. Magnus (Kenneth Downie)
1. Hauts-de-France (Luc Vertommen) — 95
2. Paris Brass Band (Florent Didier) — 94
3. Brass Band de Lyon (Julien Roh) — 84
Division Excellence:
Test piece: A London Overture (Philip Sparke)
1. Douai Brass Band (Olivier Degardin) — 89
2. Brass Band Brassage (Laurent Douvre) — 87
3. Strasbourg (Philippe Wendling) — 83
Division 1:
Test piece: Lions of Legend Thierry Deleruyelle)
1. Brass Band du Hainaut (Thibaut Bruniaux) — 88
2. Orchestra de Cuivres Amiens (Eric Brisse) — 81
Division 2:
Test piece: Toccata Festiva (Jan van Roost)
1. Brass Band de L'Oise (Yannick Parent) — 83
Division 3:
Test piece: Hinemoa (Gareth Wood)
1. Brass Band Coniques (Antoine Freart) — 92
2. Musicalis Algrange (Andre Sablon) — 85
3. Brass Band Lyon Junior (Anthony Galinier) — 83

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