2018 New Zealand National Championships


Wellington clinch the 'double' as they win the New Zealand title under the direction of Nigel Seaman. Congratulations also go to winning Grade bands Brass Whanganui, Howick Brass, Roxburgh Pioneer Energy Brass and Nelson City Brass Academy.

Adjudicator Russell Gray had a tough job trying to separate the top two bands, and in the end there was just half a point between Wellington Brass and Woolston Brass. It was however Wellington’s performances of the 'Sacred Item', a tasteful rendition of 'Everlasting Hope' and their own choice selection of Philip Sparke's 'Perihelion — Closer to the Sun' that sealed their 5th victory in six years.

Commenting on the victory, the winning MD said, "Words almost fail me. To come this far and spend the past month working with some of the nicest people I've ever met is more than a privilege — it's an honour. I can't speak highly enough of them. So much passion and effort was put into their performances." Before adding, "Woolston gave us a good run for our money, and I would like to dedicate the performance to Riki McDonnell. It's the first time he hasn't been with us this year. Thanks again to the band for their hospitality and efforts. This contest really is a wonderful festival — not just within the hall but with the whole of Blenheim."


Full Results:

A Grade:

Adjudicator: Russell Gray

Set-work: The 39th Parallel (Peter Graham)

Sacred item/test/own-choice = Total

1. Wellington Brass (Nigel Seaman): 48.5/96/98 = 242.5

2. Woolston Brass (Tyme Marsters): 48/97/97 = 242.0

3. Eastern Bay of Plenty Brass (Alan Spence): 47.5/95/95 = 237.5

4. Waitakere Auckland Brass (Howard Taylor): 47/94/94 = 235.0

5. North Shore Brass (Colin Clark): 47/93/93 = 233.0

6. Darebin City Brass — Preston (Andrew Snell): 46/93/91 = 230

7. St Kilda Brass (Peter Adams): 46.5/92/89 = 227.5

8. Hamilton City Brass (Glenn Richards): 46.5/91/88 = 225.5

9. Marlborough District Brass (Kevin Moseley): 46/91/87 = 224.0

10. Leopard Coachlines Canterbury Brass (Dwayne Bloomfield): 46/90/86 = 222.0

Best Soloist in test-piece: Tom Hutchinson (Waitakere Auckland Brass)

Best Section in test-piece: Tubas (Woolston Brass)

Best Principal Cornet in own-choice: Chris Lawrence (Eastern Bay of Plenty)


B Grade:

Adjudicator: Russell Gray

Set-work: Ouroboros (Todd Rohan Smith)

Sacred item/test/own-choice = Total

1. Brass Whanganui (Bruce Jellyman): 46.5/95/89 = 230.5

2. Nelson City Brass (Nigel Weeks): 45.5/92/92 = 229.5

3. Addington Brass (Dave Fiu): 44.5/90/93 = 227.5

4. Deco Bay Brass (Robbie Cargill): 45/91/90 = 226.0

5. Hutt City Brass (Mark Davey): 44.5/93/87 = 224.5

6. The Devon Hotel New Plymouth Brass (Leigh Martin): 44.5/89/85 = 218.5

7. Alpine Energy Timaru (Shane Foster): 46/88/84 = 218.0

8. Trust Porirua City Brass (Clynton Payne): 45/87/86 = 218.0

Best Soloist in test-piece: Andrew Toy (flugel) — Brass Whanganui)

Best Principal Cornet in own-choice: Nicholas Garrett (Trust Porirua City Brass)


C Grade:

Adjudicator: Mareika Gray

Set-work: A Theme Fading (Jack Bewley)

Sacred item/test/own-choice = Total

1. Howick Brass (Kerry Wood): 45/93/91 = 229.0

2. Woolston Concert Brass (Nick Johnson): 43.5/88/94 = 225.5

3. Levin & Districts Brass (Colin Honey): 42.5/90/90 = 222.5

4. Westport Municipal Band (Nathan Keoghan): 42/89/57 = 218.0

5. Te Awamutu Brass (Sarah Robertson): 43/87/88 = 218.0

6. Mosgiel Brass (Philip Craigie): 42/87/87 = 216.0


D Grade:

Adjudicator: Mareika Gray

Set-work: Own- choice

Set Hymn: Repton (arr. Peter Maunder)

Sacred item/own-choice/street march = Total

1. Roxburgh Pioneer Energy Brass (John Buchanan): 90/89/90 = 269.0

2. Nor'west Brass (Dale Vail): 89/87/89 = 265.0

3. Motueka District Brass (John Rimmer): 88/88/88 = 264.0


Youth Grade:

Adjudicator: Mareika Gray

Own-choice plus stage march and fun concert piece

1. Nelson City Brass Academy (Nigel Weeks): 90/90/90 = 270.0

Best Soloist: Ned Rainey (kit percussion) — Nelson City Brass Academy

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