'Brassed Off!' at the British Open


A special showing of the film 'Brassed Off!' accompanied live by Grimethorpe Colliery will take place at a concert on Friday 7th, the eve of the British Open Championships 2018. The event has been arranged by Symphony Hall and Grimethorpe thanks to an agreement with the Royal Albert Hall, Film4, Prominent Features Limited and Miramax, and follows the amazing success of the first event held at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2017. 

In addition, following the British Open Championship the following day, Symphony Hall is also hosting its Brass Band Gala Concert (Sunday 9th) at 2.30pm, featuring the talents of Black Dyke and Cory.

A Symphony Hall spokesperson commented: "We're thrilled to be able to bring something a little different to what promises to be a wonderful festival weekend of brass band music making.

“The attraction of the British Open Championship is such that it was sold out within days of tickets going on sale, and we hope brass band lovers will now take the opportunity to enjoy three very different occasions.

"The 'Brassed Off!' showing is fun and interactive — with a huge screen set up in the auditorium with the band below it. It's all about creating a special atmosphere and sharing a great experience in a new way. It's going to be a brilliant prelude to the contest.

“The evening is all about getting involved — cheering and clapping and being part of the story as it unfolds. We hope as many people as possible come along and simply sit back and enjoy it once again.

“All that and the day after the British Open we also hope people will once again take the opportunity of listening to two of the world's finest bands in Black Dyke and Cory in top concert form."

Tickets for the events are available via the following links:

Brassed Off: https:/­/­www.thsh.co.uk/­event/­brassed-off-live-featuring-grimethorpe-colliery-band

British Open: https:/­/­www.thsh.co.uk/­event/­166th-british-open-supported-by-besson (currently sold out)

Brass Gala: https:/­/­www.thsh.co.uk/­event/­brass-band-gala-2018

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