2018 Belgian set test-pieces announced  

The set test peices to be used at the Belgian National Championships, on the weekend of 24th/25th November at the Cultural Center Zwaneberg in Heist-op-den-Berg, have been announced. 
The Championship Section contenders will perform 'REwrite Relapse' by Stan Nieuwenhuis — a brand new 16-minute work that will be released on 12th June. 
Regarded as one of European banding's rising compositional stars, the 2015 European Composer Competition winner states: "REwrite stands for a renewed sense of hope, and the ability to remain positive time and time again without relapsing into bad habits. The REwrite theme is consonant, filled with warm harmonies, whilst the RElapse element is dissonant, strict and capricious." 
The First Section contenders will perform Kevin Houben's 'Thyellene' (The Battle on the Heath). At just over nine minutes in length the piece is inspired by the 1597 battle that took place on the Tielenheide.  
'In Flanders Fields' by Roger Deronge is the 12 minute work that will be presented by the Second Section bands. Jan Segers' 'Suite for Brass'  will be played by bands in the Third Section.  
Test pieces 
Championship Section: REwrite Relapse (Stan Nieuwenhuis) 
First Section: Thyellene (The Battle on the Heath) (Kevin Houben) 
Second Section: In Flanders Fields (Roger Derongé) 
Third Section: Suite for Brass (Jan Segers) 

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