Young adjudicators scheme success

Once again, the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators were delighted to be involved with the Young Adjudicators scheme alongside Peggy Tomlinson and her team at the section 4 Yorkshire ‘Area’ contest.

The five enthusiastic candidates, aged 12 to 17, were invited to experience the role of an adjudicator as they sat alongside the ‘box’. Before the contest began, their mentor for the day, Nicholas Garman, introduced the young adjudicators to the official judges of the day - Sandy Smith and Mareika Gray. This experienced pair was able to offer the youngsters their insights into the set work and guidance on which particular aspects of the music they should be listening for. Top of the list was the basic elements of playing - as detailed in the PAC document found on AoBBA's website (

A score had been provided to each candidate to give the opportunity for preparation and, during the contest itself, the young judges were asked to write their own feedback notes, to allow them to fully understand how difficult it can be to listen, write, follow the music and form opinion as the contest continues.

All who took part commented not only on how much they had enjoyed the experience, how much they had learnt and how much their appreciation for the adjudicator's duties had increased!

It is hoped that the scheme will be held again next year and expanded into more Regional contests as part of the ABBA’s goal of encouraging the younger generation to continue playing an active part in the brass band

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