Sliding around Glasgow

With professional orchestras, bustling theatres, bands and Scotland’s national conservatoire on its doorstep, Glasgow is a hub of activity when it comes to brass performance. An ideal setting, then, for a four-day festival celebrating the virtues of the trombone, as Mark Good found out.

Turning the spotlight on an instrument can be bittersweet. On one hand, the opportunity to fully immerse performers and listeners of all generations offers a level of study and in-depth insight often unheard in a more general setting. It is the ideal chance for like-minded souls to gather and justifiably geek-out about their beloved instrument. On the other hand, organisers face almost sleepless nights in the hope that the same audience will turn up day-after-day in support. Soloists, venue, repertoire - everything has to be just right. All credit to organisers of the Glasgow Trombone Weekend, who would have breathed a sigh of relief after the festival drew an enthusiastic crowd for the four-day celebration of all things ‘slidey’.

A joint effort between the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and British Trombone Society, Glasgow Trombone Weekend featured revered exponents of the instrument, all from diverse corners of the trombone-playing universe.

Three of the four evenings were given over to concerts in City Halls. One didn’t have to be a disciple of the trombone to appreciate the concert from…

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